Dr. Stephen Muncy, Ph.D.
    Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Muncy is an Ohio licensed psychologist practicing clinical psychology.  The services he offers include psychological evaluations and psychotherapy or counseling for adolescents and adults. His primary treatment is the evidenced-based treatment of Cognitive  Behavioral Therapy (CBT).  While CBT is the treatment of choice, not everyone benefits from this approach.  In addition to CBT, Dr. Muncy utilizes treatments best suited to the individual and the problem they present with.  These treatments include Existential counseling, Mindfulness, psychodynamic techniques, and when appropriate, hypnotherapy.

These are especially concerning times for most people due to the coronavirus (COVID-19).

We are offering HIPAA compliant audio/video teleconferencing  sessions and telephone sessions for your protection

Psychological Evaluation
Psychological Evaluations general include a one-hour interview where I gather historical information in an attempt to understand what formed your subjective impression of the world through your life experiences.

The interview will be followed by a psychological test battery which is a process of testing that uses a combination of techniques to help arrive at some hypotheses about a person and their behavior, personality, and capabilities


Psychotherapy involves communication between patients and therapists that is intended to help people:

  • Find relief from emotional distress, as in becoming less anxious, fearful, or depressed.

  • Seek solutions to problems in their lives, such as dealing with disappointment, grief, family issues, and job or career dissatisfaction.

  • Modify ways of thinking and acting that are preventing them from working productively and enjoying personal relationships.


 Counseling could be defined as a short term process that focuses on external overt behaviors to improve areas of overt functioning. Prior to being licensed as a psychologist, I was licensed as a clinical professional counselor. The counselors at the time received a Masters in education.


Hypnosis is a guided relaxation technique used to alter the unconscious thought process to help achieve desired goals such as relinquishing a habit, manage pain, or to bring about a general feeling of well being.


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